About Me

I am a satirical writer, pianist, business guy (marketing), and San Franciscan. And more than anything I am a hopeless romantic and storytelling jokester.

After working at CoffeeMeetsBagel on the marketing team, I was turned on to content marketing. Since then, I have dated and socialized. A ton. I’m still single and and still very much lonely, so something hasn’t been working.

Until! I struck a chord. A post went viral at Nextdoor.com, about a happenstance meeting. It was a missed connection on an UberPool.

And I was hooked. Not on the pursuit – but on putting to words what many people don’t really think about: the romantic (and platonic) connections that we make without knowing it.

Write to me at about@sfnotesonnapkins.com.

Author: Andrew Moudry

Living such a full life. The boring stuff: worked @ CoffeeMeetsBagel.com, and several startups. Clorox in Brand Management. Yahoo! for my exposure to big tech. On sabbatical. Graduate of Wharton.

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