Uber Notes on Napkins

As of this writing, I have taken 991 Uber rides. And each one has had a different impact on me.

First, there was Ellen. My five minutes of internet fame. In case you didn’t hear, I had the top post on Nextdoor’s San Francisco community for about a four day stretch, as I tried to find the UberPool passenger “would-be-wife.”

The gist of the story is:

  • Got in an UberPool in Nob Hill, hurriedly and dropped my iPhone. It cracked, that sucked.
  • I normally hold the conversation in the pool, but this time I was pissed. And in steps Ellen, who engaged me immediately and held the conversation, making me laugh as I started down at my phone.
  • I look up – and there, is this beautiful woman. I mean like an easy ten. And she didn’t have a ring on! Score!
  • Then, as I try to give her my number fumbling out of the car, she says “Andrew, your fly is down.” And boy was it ever.

The car sped away, and I called lost and found saying “I lost a piece of my heart in that Uber.”

I posted this story, and the Chronicle interviewed me. I had date offers. And one woman offered to buy me a billboard.

Since then, I haven’t found my Ellen. But I have kept up my writing. On notes, on napkins. Fleeting, just like my projects. But given the nature of an Uber ride, I am going to leave these napkins in every ride that I take moving forward.

Creativity and fleeting “missed connection” moments are a passion of mine. And they stem back to my time at the University of Pennsylvania.

You see, even though I attended Wharton, I had a love of the liberal arts, and this one professor changed my perspective on creativity and psychology.

Tim Carmody, an academic and writer I met in his role as a Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, taught me about the fleeting poignancy of a Taxi Driver encounter. There is an existential undertone that few could pick up on.

I’m going to write notes on napkins, with:

Andrew M. // about@sfnotesonnapkins.com // 707-847-8613

Untitled-Project (1)

And my thoughts from the trip. Just as fleeting as some of the great ideas you may have…I’ll leave these breadcrumbs and blog my way through San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

Author: Andrew M

Living such a full life. The boring stuff: worked @ CoffeeMeetsBagel.com, and several startups. Clorox in Brand Management. Yahoo! for my exposure to big tech. On sabbatical. Graduate of Wharton.

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