I am a writer, business guy (marketing), and San Franciscan. And more than anything I am a hopeless romantic.

After working at CoffeeMeetsBagel on the marketing team, I was turned on to content marketing. Since then, I have dated. A ton. So something clearly hasn’t been working.

Until! I struck a chord. A post went viral at Nextdoor.com, about a happenstance meeting. It was a missed connection.

And I was hooked. Not on the pursuit – but on putting to words what many people don’t really think about: the romantic (and platonic) connections that we make without knowing it.

Every single day.

So I make those connections, and take my notes on napkins. And look really, really awkward turtle doing it.

This may be crap. But for now? Let’s figure it out together. Write to me at about@sfnotesonnapkins.com.