Much Ado About Dating…on Napkins

I am writing a ton of notes on napkins at bars. Because I am weird.

Those who know me, know that I am a hopeless romantic. This has led to so many amazing decisions. And a ton of poor ones!

But those who know me, also know I am brutally honest, and live a very, very full life. That I don’t lie. And that I try to observe — but am still learning how to listen.

To that end, I have been blessed and cursed with time off work – and as such, I wanted to focus on my strengths.

Writing is one of those. And sometimes, I like to think that I know how to date.

So two hypotheses:

  1. I am a good writer?
  2. I know how to date?

Well, let’s prove these hypotheses out together?

I took the past twenty-odd days, to go into my local neighborhood bar and write. My goal is to write, on napkins, every single night at three of my local bars, on napkins. Awkwardly. On purpose.

I write because I am a writer at heart – but also, to document a social chronology – of people, of dates…and of the life around me.

I sip my $3/can Olympia (here’s looking at you, Zeki’s Bar) and watch. I have a system for these notes…as documented below.

I make a note of:

  • the bar (upper right hand corner).
  • the date (lower right hand corner).
  • the page of notes (note most are actually two-sided).
  • the insights!
  • the chronology of events.
  • the time I get in the bar, and (if applicable) the time when someone comes up and actually talks to me. I sit in silence until then.

I have met some characters. I have dated some characters. And I clearly am a character…but that is life, right?

In any case, I hope to bring my insights out at the end of the month – and I hope you join me.

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